Dbvisit Standby Essentials: Linux

Become a Dbvisit Standby Certified Associate with the Dbvisit Standby Essentials Course.
This self-paced course is designed around hands-on use of Dbvisit Standby Version 8. It takes you through the new sleek central console, and introduces you to the updated underlying architecture of your Dbvisit Standby solution.
This certification is taken entirely online. It can be completed at your own pace, over a 3-month period.
The course covers:
• Introduction to the new web-based interface
• Installation Prerequisites & Installation
• Performing a Graceful Switchover & Failover
• Monitoring, Reporting & Housekeeping
This course is made up of 14 units, with each unit comprising of interactive content; including links to relevant reading materials, demonstration videos, interviews with our product expert and Oracle ACE Anton Els, and fun and informative animated videos.
There are 14 quizzes throughout the course. These are designed to ensure you’ve understood the key concepts and processes necessary for using Dbvisit Standby. This will result in a deeper knowledge of the product, and will enable a greater sense of confidence when using Dbvisit Standby.
The course will enable you to confidently take full advantage of the features and capabilities within Dbvisit Standby. Become a Dbvisit Standby Certified Associate and ensure that you are able to support your disaster recovery solution.
Come on, supersize your learning experience – throw away that boring user guide and become a part of our internationally recognized Dbvisit Standby Certified Associates. 

Course duration: 3 months
Category: Online Courses